Where are the answers?!

You will find a multitude of DIY related questions and answers, plus detailed articles on DIY subjects. Some are contained in this FAQ site. It's menu driven and easy to navigate. In addition many additional detailed articles are held on the uk.d-i-y wiki pages. The wiki is search based site that you can also contribute to yourself. If you have seen wikipeadia, then you will be familier with the concept.

Use the links at the top of the page to view the questions and answers (FAQs), or to jump over to the wiki site.

The FAQs are currently maintained by John Rumm (editor@diyfaq.org.uk). You are strongly encouraged to send suggestions and new contributions to him by email. Note that the FAQ is not the work of just one person - your valuable contributions make it what it is!

Do not expect the FAQ maintainer to answer all your DIY questions!

If you have a question and can't find the answer in the FAQs (and, let's face it, if all the answers were here then there would be no need for the uk.d-i-y newsgroup!) check the Google archive by doing a "Advanced Groups Search" at the website. Fill in the boxes there, click "Google Search" and be prepared for somewhere between zero and n million articles to appear! If you want to widen your search beyond discussions on uk.d-i-y then delete uk.d-i-y from the Newsgroup box. Also, the date range searched can be narrowed by specifying dates in the "Return messages posted between" boxes. Note that google search for usenet groups has been somewhat broken of late - even simple changes like asking for results in date order may change the number of reported hits.

How do I ask a question?

If the answer is still eluding you then there's a good chance that someone with extensive knowledge will respond to a courteous question posted in the uk.d-i-y newsgroup. Since their reply will be made in the newsgroup their words of wisdom will be shared with a large audience and will therefore benefit more people.

For detailed information on access to the newsgroup, see this article

There are also several web-based newsgroup sites, some of which are geared towards searching the groups. Google is a popular one. To use it for posting go to /groups.google.com/groups?q=uk.d-i-y and click on "Post a new message to uk.d-i-y" .

But first...

Please make sure that however you post to the newsgroup, you do so in plain text, and not using HTML (web-based) message formats. Do not use any special effects; not even bold or coloured fonts. These will not come out on the posted message, and may even be illegible.

If you want to include an 'ASCII' diagram, use a fixed width font such as Courier, otherwise it will not come out right for other readers. It's a good idea to prefix such diagrams with a note to your reader to tell them to 'switch to a fixed width font', too.

Any guidelines about posting?

You should aim to follow "netiquette" guidelines when posting to newsgroups. Some useful ones for this newsgroup can be found here. Best tip of all, lurk (i.e. read the postings of other contributors) for a couple of weeks first, to get a feel for the culture of uk.d-i-y, the way it operates and individuals interact, and to ensure that your questions have not been asked umpteen times in the last few days before you dive in!